Your Guide to Finding a Bra That Fits

As a woman, you know figuring out how a bra should fit is pretty tricky. Whether you grab a multi-pack from your local discount store or you go to a lingerie shop for a fitting, you could walk away with a bra that’s not exactly right. If the straps keep slipping or the band is digging into your back, you’re bound to be uncomfortable all day long. If you’re wearing the wrong cup size, you could be left with unflattering lumps or bumps under your shirt. The next time you go shopping, keep in mind how a bra should fit using these tips.

Take the Right Measurements

The first step to making sure your bra fits is taking your measurements and determining your size. There are three numbers you need:

  1. Band size: With a nonpadded bra on (or while naked), wrap a measuring tape all the way around directly under your bust. Hold your measuring tape very snugly. Get an odd number? Round up to the next even number.
  2. Bust size: Loosely wrap your measuring tape over the fullest part of your bust.
  3. Cup size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. If you get one, you have an A cup, if you get two, you have a B cup, if you get three, you have a C cup, and so on.

Get Up Close and Personal in the Mirror

Once you’ve measured yourself, head to the fitting room with a few new undergarments and situate yourself in front of the mirror. There are five parts of the bra you want to closely examine: the band, the cups, the center front, the underwire, and the straps.

The band should be level all the way around your chest, the cups should look smooth under your clothes, the center front should lay flat against you, the underwire should be snug without pinching you, and the straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders or slip off. If any of these parts are uncomfortable, try on a different size or style.

Stock Up on Different Bra Styles

Not all bras are created equally. Depending on how big or small your breasts are—and what outfit you’re wearing—it’s a good idea to have a few different kinds of bras in your drawer. The T-shirt bra is a great everyday option regardless of bra size. They don’t have any seams, so they’re virtually undetectable under clothes. Bralettes, which are lacy, wireless, and unpadded, are another comfortable pick. They’re best reserved for lounging around at home or worn under loose tank tops.

If your bust is on the smaller size, a demi bra is another good everyday option, as it’s designed to cover about half of your bust. If you have a larger bust size, meanwhile, stick to a full cup bra for maximum coverage and support. Do you want to play down the size of your chest? A minimizing bra is a good bet. To have the opposite effect and enhance your bust, wear a push-up bra instead.

With swimsuit season quickly approaching, you’re probably searching for a properly fitting bikini top in addition to a bra. If you’re frustrated with bra bulge, an in-office treatment may be the solution. SculpSure® is a noninvasive laser treatment that can be used to reduce fat cells on your back, where your stubborn bra bulge is. Treatments are quick, easy and last just 25 minutes.

If you’ve ever wondered how a bra should fit and whether or not you’re wearing the proper size, you’re now set to find an undergarment that fits correctly and looks great under all of your clothes.

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