The Best Workout Routine for Beginners

The best workout routine for beginners—or anyone for that matter—is one that’s enjoyable and lets you achieve your fitness goals. Getting both isn’t always easy, but both are equally important.

If you don’t enjoy your workout, you might be reluctant to stick with it, and if you don’t push yourself, you probably won’t see any results. Once you’ve found what works for you, though, you can incorporate your new workout routine into your life, and you’ll look and feel better as a result. Here are some great options to help you pick the best workout routine for beginners, along with some fitness tips.

Strength Training

When you build muscles from strength training, guess what? You boost your metabolism so that you burn more calories from your other workouts. You’ll even burn more calories when you’re just sitting down. You’ll only need to do strength training exercises twice a week for about twenty minutes or so in order to see (and feel) results.

It’s best to incorporate about eight to ten strength training exercises that work all your major muscle groups. For a workout routine for beginners, one of the most important fitness tips is to make sure you have the right equipment.

You’ll need: one set of lightweight dumbbells (3 to 5 pounds), one set of heavier dumbbells (8 to 10 pounds), and a set of resistance bands. Then choose your favorite YouTube strength training video, and work out in the comfort of your home.


You have a lot of flexibility when choosing between cardio workouts because you can do them inside or outside. If you choose to walk as your cardio exercise, for example, you can use a treadmill, hit your favorite nature trail, or just walk around the block in your neighborhood. Biking is also a fun cardio workout that you can do inside on a stationary bike, or you can enjoy exploring your surroundings outdoors when the weather is nice.

Whatever you decide to do, aim for doing some cardio exercise at least three times a week. Cardio exercise, however, is something you can do every day if you like. To achieve the best results, invest in a heart rate monitor so that you can modify your exercises to fit your fitness level. Note that you should not exceed your maximum heart rate, according to the Mayo Clinic. Find out what yours should be by subtracting your age from 220.

Group Workout Classes

When you want to be social during exercise, group workout classes fit the bill. The beauty of group workout sessions is that, because of the great variety of classes available at most gyms, you’re bound to find something you like and will enjoy committing to regularly.

The best group workout routines for beginners include yoga, Pilates, circuit training, Zumba, spinning, water fitness, and body sculpting. Before choosing one, read about what you will be doing in the class or call the gym to find out what the class will be like. Once you find a class that fits your needs, you’ll look forward to working out.

When You Want a Little More Help

Working out is great. But sometimes, no matter how hard or how much you work out, you don’t get the results you want. That’s where SculpSure® , an FDA-cleared option for fat reduction and getting your desired body, comes in. SculpSure® can concentrate on your trouble spots, whether that’s your belly, love handles, back, thighs, or under the chin; it targets and destroys fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Your exercise process should be fun. Once you get into a routine of strength training, cardio, and group workout classes, you should look and feel better. And you might find new workout pals in the process.

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