The Best Isolation Workouts for Your Body

If, despite your best efforts and religious commitment, you can’t seem to minimize your problem areas, you’re far from alone. Not all workouts are created equal, so you may not be targeting those pesky spots with the right moves. Here are some of the best isolation workouts for stubborn areas of your body that tend to hold on to fat.

Target Your Booty

You already know how difficult it is to tighten your behind. While many people talk about the wonder of squats, you might actually be better off doing hip thrusters, which help isolate the glute area.

Sit back on a weight bench (or lie on your back), with your feet flat on the floor and your knees pointing toward the ceiling. Quickly and smoothly thrust your hips up, hold for five seconds, and then slowly lower your hips back towards the floor. Repeat the move for five to ten times, then rest and repeat. If you’re feeling especially daring, add on some weight with a barbell or dumbbell for extra resistance. (See this video for guidance.)

Get Longer, Leaner Legs

While most people spend their gym time on the elliptical or treadmill to slim their legs, the best isolation workouts are actually weight resistance-oriented. Split-stance Romanian deadlifts, for example, are a great way to get sexy, toned legs without adding a whole lot of extra muscle. This move will work your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Learn how to do them here.

Work Your Core

Sit-ups and crunches will only get you so far when it comes to burning that layer of stubborn fat around your midsection. What you really need to be doing is sprints. Sprinting is a great exercise for a leaner stomach, according to a study by the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. With sprints implemented as a consisted part of your workout, you can finally slip back into that two piece.

If you’re trying every exercise under the sun without success, there are still options available to you to tone your midsection and yield results. SculpSure® is one that uses a noninvasive laser to permanently destroy the unwanted (and stubborn) fat cells that lie underneath.

Strengthen Your Shoulders

Those big and bulky weight machines that look intimidating at your local gym are great for many exercises, one of those being the cable face pull. This involves using a basic cable pulley machine, attaching rope handles to it at a point slightly above your head, grabbing the handles with an overhand grip, bringing your arms out in front of you, and pulling the cables directly toward your eyes. This move is a great way to strengthen your back and shoulders, especially for women, as well as your scapula, traps, rotator cuffs, and rhomboids. It will also help your posture!

Tone Those Arms

If you want strong, toned arms without added bulk, try lengthening exercises for your triceps, such as the overhead cable extension. You simply attach rope handles to a basic cable pulley machine and adjust the lever so it’s just above hip level at your low back. Grab the handles with an overhand grip, then take a few steps forward and ensure constant tension. Bend your elbows directly over your shoulders, taking a slight lunge forward. Extending your hands directly up over your head and shoulders, pull the rope apart as far as possible, and hold for a second at full extension before slowly lowering and repeating.

For stubborn small areas on your arms, such as your underarms, there’s an easier solution that might help enhance the results of your gym time. PrecisionTx™ is a simple laser lipolysis treatment that contours fine areas of the body without the downtime of traditional liposuction.

No matter how you choose to isolate and tone stubborn areas of fat, the most important thing is your health. No exercise or device out there can replace the importance of consuming healthy foods and getting consistent physical activity.

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