The Best Homemade Facial Scrubs

The best skin-care routines all have something in common: they include exfoliation! Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to reveal the fresher, younger skin cells underneath.

Enter homemade facial scrubs. They’re easy to DIY and so inexpensive. It’s important to note that some face scrubs on the market contain harsh particles that can cause irritation, so it’s best to pick ingredients that aren’t jagged or rough.

Are you ready to make your own homemade facial scrub? Here are four ideas to help you put together your best skin-care routine. Bonus: you should easily be able to find these ingredients in your kitchen, and they’re all relatively gentle on your skin!

1. Coffee

Coffee might be the best part of your morning, but now it can also be the best part of your skin-care routine. Coffee grinds are one of the most popular ingredients in homemade facial scrubs. Mix together an equal part coffee grinds and a vegetable or nut oil of your choice (such as olive or coconut oil) to make your homemade facial scrub. Caffeine is often cited as an ingredient that can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, so try this homemade facial scrub on your body, too. You won’t have to worry about experiencing dry skin post-exfoliation either, as olive oil and coconut oil are both nourishing.

2. Brown Sugar

There’s nothing sweeter than brown sugar, and that’s certainly the case when you apply it to your face. Another popular homemade facial scrub is the brown sugar scrub. For this scrub, mix together an equal part brown sugar and honey. Honey is moisturizing and even has antimicrobial properties, according to the American Journal of Therapeutics. You’ll get more than just the benefits of exfoliation from this option.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda truly is a do-it-all ingredient. In addition to cleaning your house amazingly, you can apply it on your skin for gentle exfoliation. All you have to do is combine baking soda with water until you create a paste.

4. Salt

Salt instantly adds a pop of flavor to meals, but did you know it could be used as an exfoliant as well? For this homemade facial scrub, choose a mineral-rich salt (such as sea salt) and mix four parts salt to one part olive oil.

Tips for Using Homemade Facial Scrubs

If you make more homemade facial scrub than you can use at one time, store the leftovers in a mason jar and make sure the lid is on tight. It should keep for a while, so you can use it as part of your regular skin-care routine until you run out. When it comes to how you actually apply your homemade facial scrub, do so very gently—massage it over your face in circular motions, then rinse off in tepid water and follow up with moisturizer.

A More Convenient Solution

If you’re looking for more benefits than homemade facial scrubs offer, consider TempSure™ Envi, a skin-tightening* system that uses radio-frequency technology to trigger the creation of new collagen. TempSure™ Envi can be used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’ feet, and smile lines on your face, and it can also be used to help temporarily diminish the look of cellulite on your body. It’s noninvasive, comfortable, and there’s zero downtime.

Now that you’re armed with all this information, you really are ready to put together your best skin-care routine. Go on and show off that gorgeously glowing skin!

*Through soft-tissue coagulation

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