Quick Makeup Tips for Women On the Go

Are you a busy mom on the go? Or maybe you’re just running late and don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Either way, you don’t want to run out the door looking like you just woke up. When you’re pressed for time, your beauty routine often needs to be expedited. That’s not easy when you don’t know what to do.

The good news is that natural, dewy makeup is very trendy right now. That means you can still look fabulous, even if you only have five minutes to spend on your beauty routine! These quick makeup tips will have you looking and feeling glamorous in no time at all.

Grab a Tinted Moisturizer

When you’ve only got a few minutes before you have to head out the door, you need makeup that will pull its weight. Opt for a tinted moisturizer that has a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30. It will offer light, natural coverage to hide any blemishes without looking cakey, while keeping your skin hydrated and protected from sun damage. Keep your tinted moisturizer in your purse so that you can reapply as needed during the day. Since it’s a moisturizer first, you can apply it with your fingers instead of a brush or sponge, adding convenience when you’re really pressed for time.

Multitask Your Makeup

Lipstick isn’t just for your lips anymore! If you’re feeling especially pallid or generally want to bring more color to your face, swipe your fingers over your favorite lipstick color and gently dab onto the apples of your cheeks. When you wear the same color on both your cheeks and your lips, it looks like you have an effortless, healthy glow.

On the other hand, you’d be surprised how well powder blush (and even bronzer) transitions into eye shadow when you’re in a pinch. Red and pink eye shadow is having a moment right now, so having your powder blush pull double duty on your eyes will look like a fashion-forward statement rather than a rush job.

Don’t Forget the Eyes

It may seem like a part of the face that people don’t pay attention to, but having well-manicured brows can complete your whole look. If you have time for nothing else, it’s worth it to spend some time on your brows!

Whether you have thick or thin eyebrows, use a brow pencil (one that comes with a brow brush) for a put-together and polished look. A taupe shade is flattering for most people. If your brows are thin, the brow pencil also serves to fill out your eyebrows. Simply brush your brow hair upwards with the brush, define a brow line with the pencil, and fill in the gaps brushing from the bottom going upward.

Get Tighter, Glowing Skin

When you have good skin, you don’t need to use as much makeup, which is the biggest time-saver of all. One way to get that soft, shiny, smooth skin people will notice is to get a TempSure™ Envi treatment. It’s a spa-like way to help achieve tighter, younger-looking skin. TempSure™ Envi uses radio frequency to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and tighten skin through soft-tissue coagulation. After this quick and easy treatment, you’ll begin to see results like minimized facial lines and tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Take a Few Minutes for Yourself

When you look good, you feel good. But when you’re busy, your beauty routine might get left behind. That doesn’t have to happen. With these quick makeup tips combined with great skin, you can get the maximum output by putting in little effort. The result? You can have that extra confidence boost that happens when you look your best, even when you have very little time. Go ahead and take a few minutes for yourself, and then take on the world.

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