How to Make Trends Work for Your (Any!) Body Type

While there are lots of stylish clothing trends out there, some of them can be pretty intimidating to wear. Take the crop top, for example. This belly-baring style might look absolutely amazing on glamorous celebrities, but what about the rest of us?

Well, worry no more. Below, we share the best trends for your body type so you can pull off the most fashionable looks of the season.

1. Crop Tops

How you wear a crop top will vary depending on your body type.

Petite: Elongate the look of your body by pairing a fitted crop top with a fitted skirt.

Tall: Slip on a bandeau top and a high-waisted, knee-length skirt with a slight flare at the bottom. This will make your torso appear shorter.

Pear-shaped: Select a crop top that’s fitted at your waist, and wear it with a skirt or pants that are also fitted at your waist for a slimmer look.

Rectangular: Opt for a longer crop top that has a slightly loose fit, and wear it with high-waisted pants to create the illusion of curves.

Apple-shaped: Slim the appearance of your upper body in a halter crop top and full volume skirt.

Hourglass: Choose a crop top that hits at your natural waist, and pair it with a high-waisted skirt to flatter your curves.

2. High-Waisted Jeans

You’ve seen high-waisted jeans on fashion runways and city streets. Now it’s time to try a pair yourself!

Petite: High-waisted jeans are a great way to fake height. Skinny jeans are ideal since they’ll make your legs look longer.

Tall: Go for wide-leg high-waisted jeans to play up your height. Just make sure to try the pants on first to make sure they’re actually long enough.

Pear-shaped: Balance your slimmer upper body and wider lower body by picking high-waisted jeans with a bootcut.

Apple-shaped: Look for slim-fitting, high-waisted jeans that cover your entire middle to avoid the dreaded muffin top.

Rectangular: Fake curves with stretchy high-waisted jeans with high back pockets.

Hourglass: Stretchy high-waisted jeans are about to become your BFF because they’ll cinch you in at the waist and accentuate your beautiful bod.

3. Rompers

This list wouldn’t be complete without stylish, one-piece rompers. Dudes, you can follow this advice, too (#romphim)!

Petite: You can make yourself look taller by choosing a romper in a solid color with a low V-neck.

Tall: You may find it difficult to find a romper that’s long enough to cover your behind. Look for one with ruffles or lace detailing on the bottom, as they’ll provide a little more coverage.

Pear-shaped: Wear a romper that has a bold print on the top; this will draw attention away from your wider lower body.

Apple-shaped: Look for a romper that ties in the middle because this will hide your tummy and give you beautiful curves.

Rectangular: Ruffled rompers will give you the appearance of an hourglass shape.

Hourglass: Show off your gorgeous figure in a romper that cinches at the waist.

Top heavy: Make your bust look smaller in a romper that has an off-the-shoulder neckline.

4. Midi Dresses

Midi dresses hit between your knee and ankle, but this length can be difficult to pull off, depending on your body type.

Petite: Pick a dress that cinches in at the waist and hits slightly above or below your mid-calf, as this is where your leg is a tad slimmer.

Tall: Choose a midi dress with a bold print, and pair it with low-heeled sandals to show off your height.

Pear-shaped: Look for a midi dress that hits at your natural waist and has an A-line silhouette to create the appearance of an hourglass shape.

Apple-shaped: Wear a midi dress that has an empire waistline to flatter your curves and conceal your tummy area.

Rectangular: Create curves in a midi dress that cinches at the waist and hugs your body.

Hourglass: Play up your curves in a boldly hued dress that clings to your body.

Now that you know the best trends for your body type, it’s time to go shopping and show off your new wardrobe! If you need that little extra kick of confidence to start rocking these trends, consider SculpSure®. It’s an FDA-cleared body-contouring treatment that can be used to reduce fat in areas including your belly, love handles, and thighs. It may be the last step you need to truly feel comfortable in your new clothes.

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