How to Achieve Quick Fat Loss without Giving up Your Indulgences This Winter

In winter, the weather is not the only thing that shifts: it’s also your habits, and many times, your weight. All those family dinners, socializing indoors with friends, and eating more than your fair share of good food and alcohol adds up, sending you on a search for some quick fat loss.

Here’s good news: it’s not necessary to go on a strict diet and count calories to lose weight. You can still indulge guilt free this winter season with these quick weight loss tips.

Redefine Indulgence

The word “indulgence” has a bad reputation. It really means an occasional opportunity to treat yourself, though many people tend to go overboard when it comes to indulging.

If you indulge thoughtfully and with intention, you can still lose weight. For instance, if you want chocolate, a piece of cake, or something special, go ahead have it—just keep the portions sensible. Or, try the three-bite rule: the first bite to taste the food and enjoy the flavor; the second to chew slowly enough to notice the aroma, consistency, and texture, and to fully savor it; and the third as a last bite, since the food won’t taste any better or different after this time, so why bother eating more?

Seek out and Destroy Fat

Let the laser contouring system SculpSure® go to work for you for some quick fat loss. This FDA-cleared product can treat problem spots like your tummy, inner and outer thighs, and love handles. Fat cells are safely heated, destroyed, and eliminated without any surgery. This way, you can look your best without having to give up that cupcake you really want.

Exercise Energetically

There are lots of great ways to burn fat through exercise, and the type you like best is the one you’re most likely to stick with. One you can do that’s long on fun and short on time is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This fast-paced, fat-burning workout is done at an intense level for short bursts, and gives you more bang for your buck by turning out big results quickly. It’s a great way to reduce abdominal and subcutaneous (just under the skin) fat, significantly increasing your aerobic fitness and decreasing your fasting insulin, says the journal Sports Medicine.

Fill Your Plate with More

But don’t fill it with just any food—more vegetables are what you want That’s because their high fiber and water content can fill you up and satisfy you with far fewer calories than other foods. To get more vitamins and nutrients, serve three with dinner, instead of just one. If you fill up on veggies, you’re less likely to reach for more carbs or fats after dinner.

Sleep More

Have you noticed that when you’re tired, you have less restraint when it comes to food? That’s not your imagination—that’s based in science. One reason is that two hunger-controlling hormones, ghrelin and leptin, are affected by sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. When you’re sleep deprived, the signals get out of whack; your hunger increases and your body isn’t able to recognize that it’s full. It’s a lose-lose situation that can lead to weight gain. Make sure you get the recommended seven to nine hours each night.

Stave off Hunger

Learn the foods that can satisfy without adding extra calories. Eating half of an avocado with your lunch can keep you satisfied for the rest of the day, a study in Nutrition Journal found. Eating a handful of peanuts or almonds, which are filled with fiber and protein, can stave off hunger, too. Enjoy foods like half an apple or some soup before a meal to stop you from overeating, according to TIME.

Don’t be surprised if, by following this advice, you’re able to enjoy and indulge in a fun-filled and guilt-free winter season without worrying about carting around some extra weight!

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