Flattering Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Best

Everyone has certain areas of her body she’s less than thrilled about. Even seemingly perfect celebrities can’t control where they tend to pack on pounds. For celebrities, though, a slew of professional stylists hand-select outfits for them that hide any pesky problem areas. While most people don’t have dedicated stylists, you can still put some of their fashion tips to the test.

Invest in Quality Body Shapers

One of the best ways to conceal a pouch or smooth out some lumps is through the magic of body shapers like spandex and tights. They streamline your shape from head to toe and allow your body to look its best without letting minor insecurities sneak through. This is one piece of clothing you won’t want to score a bargain on (unless it’s top quality), as the more expensive the material, the better it will fit, look, and last. These fabrics also tend to be more lightweight, so they’re comfortable and easily concealed under clothing.

Choose Flattering Styles

The cut of your outfit can create the illusion that you’ve shed a few pounds—seriously. There’s a reason V-neck wrap dresses have been a staple of television anchors and talk-show hosts for decades; they’re as body-slimming as can be, yet they’re loose in all the right areas, namely your waist, where they also tend to bunch ever so slightly. Empire-waist and A-line dresses are also flattering choices since they barely cling to your stomach and instantly create the look of narrowing curves.

Befriend Leggings

You might have once considered leggings something you wear only when exercising. A basic pair, however, can make a slimming addition to any outfit, so long as you wear them with an equally flattering top, like a tunic. Not only do the leggings tightly wrap around your stomach, but a loose and long top flows over the area nicely, giving you a slimming and elongated appearance.

Go Vertical

When selecting designs for all of your clothing, from cardigans to pants, consider anything that creates a long, vertical line, as this is slimming and distracting for the eye. It not only makes you appear slightly taller, but it takes away people’s attention from your width.

Minimize Accessories

A good high-waisted belt can work wonders for someone trying to distract from any problem areas, but over-doing it with too many draping elements, such as a long necklace or hanging belts, can do the exact opposite. Find the right balance for yourself in the right hues. A thin, black belt that sits on top of your hips can work wonders with an A-line dress that drapes effortlessly over your trouble areas.

Don’t Tuck in Your Top

Proper style etiquette might have you thinking you need to tuck your tops into every pair of pants or skirt. This isn’t ideal. In fact, doing so will have you feeling far more self-conscious. What’s more flattering when you’re not trying to show off a tiny waist is wearing your tops over your pants and skirts. This draws attention away from the areas you’d prefer to conceal. Instead, layering is key here. Wear garments that sit on top of each other. For example, try a white blouse under a vest that goes over a pair of pants.

Eliminate Trouble Spots, Stat

If you’re sick and tired of spending time and energy on choosing slimming outfits each day, there are other solutions that target these trouble areas faster and more efficiently than dieting and exercising alone. And, no, it’s not an invasive procedure, but rather one that involves a topical laser to target body fat in these areas that seem resistant to slimming. SculpSure® is a laser treatment that permanently destroys fat cells from many common problem areas. Each treatment takes about 25 minutes, during which you can read a book, catch up on social media, or close your eyes and rest.

However you decide to conceal or minimize trouble areas on your body, the key is finding a solution that works for you and doesn’t drain too much time, energy, or effort from your day-to-day life. Remember that what’s most important is how you feel about yourself on the inside—but a few fashion tips can help boost your confidence!

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