Fashion Tips to Dress for Success at Work

Look your best at work this summer with fashion tips that flatter your shape. While wearing appropriate business clothes is important to consider, that doesn’t mean you need to don a drab dress code or bury every curve under frumpy frocks. Learn more about figure-flattering summer styles that will stay put and look great in every business environment.

Buy a Bra That Fits

Perhaps your mother was the first to tell you this: wearing a good bra that fits you well is an important foundation for the rest of your look. You’d be surprised how many women wear the wrong size bra.

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. Get fitted for the right bra at a lingerie store or department store. Then invest in at least two bras in that size for now. It’ll make the rest of your clothes fit better and may even make you look thinner and improve posture. Make sure you get fitted every six months to account for body changes like weight fluctuation.

Beware the Button-Down

Many women with ample chests have experienced a button popping open while wearing a button-down shirt. Although button-down shirts are a staple in any businesswoman’s wardrobe, an unbuttoned shirt quickly becomes embarrassing and inappropriate in a business setting.

When you’re shopping for a button-down shirt, try it on in the store and move around. Put your hands on your hips and pull your elbows back, making sure the button stays in place. Reach up and down a few times and bend over to check if any buttons are strained or pop open. If your shirt buttons stay in place while the shirt stretches as you move, you can add it your closet of appropriate business clothes!

Incorporate Trends That Work for You

The hottest fall and spring fashion trends that grace runway models’ bodies don’t work with every woman’s body shape. When you’re searching for appropriate business clothes that are fun, flattering, and on-trend, look to color and accessories first on classic pieces.

Use color-blocking trends to your advantage, with dark colors strategically placed to draw attention away from problem areas while highlighting curves you’re proud of in a tasteful way. There are tons of figure-flattering dresses that are appropriate for work while incorporating your style and personality.

Wear a Pencil Skirt the Smart Way

While some fashion bible magazines might claim the pencil skirt is a “timeless classic,” keep these fashion tips in mind if you’ve been blessed with a larger booty and are considering wearing a tight skirt. A pencil skirt with pinstripes can flatter you and work well in business settings. You might want to shop for pencil skirts in darker hues which gives an appearance of minimizing or shop for a blazer that comes down longer in the back to give you more coverage. A long, flowy cardigan in a fun, summery color or floral pattern would draw the eyes upward while covering your bottom.

When you’re trying on pencil skirts, sit down in the dressing room and make sure your skirt stretches and gives enough so the seams, zippers, and buttons aren’t straining or split open. Bend over and pick something up off the floor while making sure the skirt stays in place and stretches over your curves. Practice walking in the skirt, making sure it doesn’t ride up too high so it’s still considered appropriate for work.

Summer Fashion Tips

Any woman who’s worked in an office in the summertime knows that air conditioning is usually blasting and can make for a cold work environment; that means layering is key. Pair knee-length sundresses in bright colors with cardigans, tailored blazers, or fun jackets. Not only will a jacket help you feel more comfortable in a cold office, but it can also help hide problem areas like your arms and tummy.

A more effective solution for hiding these problem areas, though, is a minimally invasive procedure like the Smartlipo® treatment, which uses a small laser to liquefy and remove fat in stubborn areas. The Smartlipo® procedure is a great option for body contouring, as it tightens the skin through tissue coagulation, giving you an effortlessly slimmer appearance.

Incorporate these fashion tips when you’re shopping for business appropriate clothes that will work for you all summer long. Stay cool while looking hot when you dress in a way that flatters your figure.

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