Buddy Up! The Secret to Weight Loss Is Among Your Friends

Whether you’re preparing to look your best for a big event or are gearing up for summer, it’s time to start planning your workout regimen. But there’s one secret to weight loss people don’t always talk about: the importance of a workout partner.

Research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology has indicated that having an “accountabilibuddy” can help you stick to your fitness goals and get the bikini body you want through effective, sustainable weight loss. So what, exactly, is an accountabilibuddy?

Well, have you ever noticed when you walk with someone, you often don’t realize how far you’ve walked or how long you’ve been out? When you’re walking alone, you probably get tired quicker and may even cut your walk short. The same concept applies to many fitness regimens. When people exercise with a partner, they tend to work out longer than when they exercise alone. But not just any partner—a workout companion who supports your fitness goals makes the perfect gym buddy and is the secret to weight loss.

Fun Workout Ideas

The beauty of having an accountabilibuddy is you can do a variety of workouts. Consider trying a fun workout class such as SoulCycle, Krav Maga, Zumba, AcroYoga, or CrossFit. If classes aren’t your thing, get out in nature by going for a jog, riding your bikes, or even strap on some in-line skates. Check your area for hiking trails, or join a recreational sports league for adults. When the weather is nice and you’re with a friend, working out won’t feel like working out; it’ll feel like you’re having fun.

If you’d rather stay indoors or the weather isn’t great, that doesn’t mean you and your friend have to forego meeting up. Heading to the gym for a conventional sweat session is always a viable option. Even if you’re doing routine workouts, like running on the treadmill or lifting weights, having your accountabilibuddy there can keep your spirits and energy levels high. Take advantage of your partner by doing exercises you normally can’t do on your own, such as tossing a weighted ball back and forth or getting a spot when you’re doing your squats.

Diets and Healthy Cheat Meals to Share

Dieting doesn’t have to be something you dread. Many healthy meals are also tasty, and when you’re cooking for or with someone, it makes healthy eating fun. Here are some diets you can rock with your accountabilibuddy.

  • Low-carbohydrate. If you love your carbs (who doesn’t?), you might really struggle if you can’t eat them. But if your buddy is also going low carb, you can keep each other honest. A basic low-carb diet you and your buddy can eat together includes fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, cheese, and natural fats such as olive oil.
  • Detox and body cleanse. Detoxing is a popular way to rid your body of toxins and shed some pounds. Whichever detox or cleanse program you pick, it’s easier to do this with a friend—the two of you can do activities together that don’t involve eating.
  • Paleo. The paleo diet consists of food humans ate millions of years ago, so you would avoid processed foods, grains, dairy, and legumes. The challenge can be in finding the right foods to eat. Take turns preparing paleo meals for each other to lessen the burden of planning.
  • Vegan. Now that an increasing amount of people are going vegan, it’s easier to stick with this diet, and it should be a snap to find a like-minded friend to share your vegan meals with.

Just because you’re committed to healthy eating doesn’t mean you won’t ever cheat again. If you want to indulge in pizza, a burger, or an ice cream cone occasionally, say one day out of the week, that’s not so bad. Buddy up on your cheat days so you can feel less guilty together.

Consider Some Extra Help

No matter how healthy you eat or how much exercise you put in, you still might have some stubborn areas that bother you. A noninvasive laser treatment like SculpSure® can permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells from your belly, thighs, back, and love handle area. There’s no downtime with SculpSure®, so you don’t need to give up any fitness time with your workout buddy.

Remember: you can ditch the gym, but it’s hard to ditch your friend. If you don’t yet have an accountabilibuddy, get the word out. Someone in one of your social groups could be looking for a workout buddy, too!

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