6 Female Fitness Models to Admire

Trailblazing women in the world of fitness inspire people all over the world to get out there and be their best selves. You can learn a lot from female fitness models, and recognizing their accomplishments and reading their stories can give you a boost to get fit. Discover these inspiring women and take control of your body confidence, too.

1. Venus and Serena Williams

Venus and Serena Williams didn’t have the traditional, country club upbringing that many tennis pros do. They practiced on public courts on the streets of Compton, California. Venus, winner of seven Grand Slam titles and a four-time Olympic gold medalist (and one-time silver medalist), and Serena, winner of twenty-three Grand Slam-singles titles and four Olympic gold medals, overcame all odds to achieve their goals. They focused on their strength and athleticism and, with their powerful style, changed the look of women’s tennis, making them two women to look up to.

2. Simone Biles

Top gymnast Simone Biles won American’s hearts in 2016 when she led the United States Olympic women’s gymnastics team and dominated everyone out there. No stranger to adversity in her life, she was raised by her grandparents while her mother struggled with substance abuse. But not only that, as Biles was one of the many young gymnasts who testified against convicted sports doctor Larry Nassar. She has overcome every challenge in front of her and continues to inspire women everywhere. Biles is the most decorated American gymnast with five Olympic medals and fourteen World Championship medals.

3. Emily Skye

Australian fitness model Emily Skye went from being an unhappy model with low self-esteem to being a fit, happy, and healthy fitness guru. Skye, instead of focusing on losing weight, took up weight training to make her stronger and healthier. Last year, Skye had a baby, and according to The Independent, she loves her post-baby body. Many women feel pressure after giving birth to look exactly like they did before, but Skye is emphasizing health over everything else. Her transformation, strength, and willpower make her one of the world’s top female fitness models.

4. Kayla Itsines

“You are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough,” writes Australia’s Kayla Itsines to her millions of Facebook followers. That messaging makes Itsines another fit woman to look up to and another of the world’s top female fitness models, as Forbes has called Itsines “The Internet’s Workout Queen.” Itsines began as a personal trainer, but she used social media to share her training and nutritional tips and, by doing so, built an empire that gives women the confidence to work out and share their before-and-after stories.

5. Yusra Mardini

Syrian refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini risked her life both staying in a warring country and fleeing that country. But now that she made it out of Syria and into Germany, Mardini told the International Olympic Committee that she wants to encourage other refugees to have hope. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, Mardini became a stronger athlete.

By continuing her training after moving to Berlin, Mardini was given the opportunity to try out for the Refugee Olympic Team, a group of athletes that don’t compete under the flag of a specific country. She was one of ten athletes to make the team and won her heat in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

6. You

There’s no getting around it—exercise and proper nutrition help you look and feel your best. You study the top female fitness models to learn what they do and then do your best to emulate them. Even so, fat is often stubborn, making it difficult and frustrating to get rid of.

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You can be a healthy, fit role model to those around you, just like these top female fitness models. So get out there, do what you love, and look great in the process.

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