5 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Paddy’s Day is a special occasion for the Irish, sort-of-Irish, and not-at-all-Irish alike. But don’t let all that fun come back to haunt your waistline. Booze tends to be chock-full of calories—an ordinary piña colada weighs in at almost 500 calories! To save you from drinking all those extra calories, here are a few low-calorie alcoholic drinks you can enjoy while celebrating the Emerald Isle in style.

1. Guinness

You might be scratching your head right about now, wondering how the liquid bread otherwise known as Guinness could possibly have made it onto this list. Well, not only is Guinness the (sort of) official beverage of Ireland, it turns out it’s also pretty low in calories, despite its thick, rich texture and flavor.

A 12-ounce serving of Guinness weighs in at 125 calories, meaning a pint would have around 165 calories. To put that in context, a single shot of vodka has around 97 calories. The real kicker here is that Guinness might actually be good for you. According to CNN, the black stuff is relatively rich in the B vitamin folate, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Calories: 125 per bottle

2. Emerald Isle Iced Tea

Margaritas are a staple drink for every occasion, but this St. Paddy’s Day version is also about as healthy and low in calories as you can hope to find.

The chilled green-tea base will give you a small zero-calorie caffeine kick while adding to the bitter flavor of the drink. Tequila is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages, and the drop of Cointreau will help add a flavorful twist (just don’t add more than a drop or the calories will ramp up at the speed of light).

  • Chilled green tea
  • 1 oz. shot of tequila
  • Coarse salt for glass rim
  • Fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • A drop of Cointreau

Calories: 65–100 per glass

3. Paddy’s Melon Migraine

This all-green cocktail has the alcohol-kick you need to get the party started, while the contrasting flavors will drive your taste buds over the edge.

  • 1 oz. DeKuyper melon liqueur
  • 1 oz. vodka
  • Squeezed lime juice
  • Club soda

Calories: 138 per glass

4. Leprechaun Lush Shots

These straightforward shots pack a neat little punch along with a fresh minty flavor. If you want to start your night in a hurry, a couple of these will have you speaking Gaelic within the hour.

  • ½ oz. Crème de menthe
  • 1 oz. vodka

Calories: 122 per shot

5. Baileys Irish Coffee

A traditional Irish coffee will include a shot of whiskey and a dollop of heavy cream. The problem is that heavy cream is seriously high in calories. Enter Baileys Irish Cream, a whiskey-and-cream-based liqueur that will get you buzzed while you think you’re enjoying dessert.

  • 1 oz. of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1 cup of strong black coffee

Calories: 130 per cup

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St. Patrick’s Day is a great occasion for getting festive and letting your hair down, Irish style. For the committed dieter, though, all that boozy celebration can be a risky thing. Luckily enough, there are plenty of low-calorie drinks out there to keep you partying all night with minimal risk to your waistline.

Just in Case You Do Pick up a Few Extra Pounds…

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