5 Exercises to Reduce Your Double Chin

While diet and exercise can help you target certain trouble spots, such as the back of your arms of your inner thighs, other areas are a bit more stubborn. Your chin tends to be one of these areas. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans struggling with how to get rid of your double chin, you might feel as though there’s nothing you can do to reduce its appearance.

Sometimes, even with weight loss, this pesky pocket of fat still remains. In the age of selfies, this can be especially frustrating. But all hope is not lost. There are various targeted exercises you can do to help reduce fat in this hard-to-tone area. Here are some of the tried-and-true double chin exercises that, when practiced frequently, can reduce stubborn chin fat and reveal a more defined jawline. Stick with these tips and exercises, and you’ll soon be waving goodbye to your double chin!

Tongue Press

This exercise uses that muscle in your mouth that helps you chew and digest food: your tongue. Start by sitting up straight with your shoulders relaxed. Tilt your head back so that you’re staring at the ceiling (or the sky if you’re outdoors). Press your tongue so that it’s as flat as can be against the roof of your mouth. Next, lower your chin to your chest while trying not to round your upper back. Hold for a second, then relax your tongue. Return to the starting position and repeat for at least twenty repetitions.

Pout and Tilt

When you’ve pondered how to get rid of your double chin, have you ever thought that giving a good pout could be the answer? It can—at least when it comes to this chin-defining exercise. To start, sit or stand comfortably and stick out your lower lip as far as you’re able to while forming a pout. Hold this facial pose for a few seconds, then lower your chin to your chest as far as you can while, again, trying not to round your upper back. Hold this for another few seconds, then relax your face and return your head to a normal position. Repeat this exercise for at least twenty repetitions.

Smooch the Ceiling

This exercise might have a funny name, but those who practice it say that it works to tone that stubborn jawline. It works just like it sounds—it involves craning your neck to the ceiling and puckering your lips together to form a kissing face. Start off standing tall or sitting upright, then tilt your head back so that you’re staring straight at the ceiling or sky. You should feel a tightening sensation in your neck and throughout your chin area. Hold for several seconds, then return naturally into the starting position. Repeat this exercise for twenty repetitions or more.

Chin Rotations

This exercise not only helps tone your double chin area, but it also relaxes and stretches your neck muscles. It’s a win-win! Start by sitting or standing in a comfortable position. Next, lengthen your spine as long as you can with your head positioned straight. Slowly roll your head around your neck in a clockwise direction, stretching as much as you can. Switch directions and continue for fifteen repetitions.

Jaw Releases

This exercise is best performed in a seated position so that you can focus solely on the movement you’re making with your jaw. Start by sitting upright as best you can to elongate your spine. Next, open and close your mouth as though you are chewing. Take notice of your breathing—you should be inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Upon exhaling, open your mouth as wide as possible and press your tongue against the back of your lower set of teeth. Hold for a few seconds and continue to release your breath. If you make an “ahhh” sound, allow it. That’s one rep; now do fourteen more!

Chin Up, There’s Hope!

If you try all of these double-chin exercises and you still don’t see results and you’re still wondering just how to get rid of your double chin, don’t fret. There are still other options. One of those is the SculpSure® treatment, which takes just twenty-five minutes and can help define your jawline in as little as six weeks. Not only is the treatment nonsurgical, it uses a laser light to heat up and destroy fat cells in treated areas. This targeted fat is then released by your body naturally. You can even go to work directly after your session—any swelling and tenderness is minimal and confined to your treated area.

In other words, you’ll be selfie-ready in no time.

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