Celebrating Womanhood: The Benefits of Everything from Motherhood to Menopause

As anyone who’s lucky enough to call herself a woman knows, it comes with perks. From the longer life expectancy to the multitasking abilities, it’s clear ladies have plenty to offer this world—and do more than their fair share to ensure it keeps turning. There are advantages to every element of womanhood, even benefits of menopause!

But life has been far from easy for our female ancestors and is still incredibly difficult for countless women around the globe. While women have seen their share of advancements, there’s still a long way to go. In honor of womanhood, we’re tipping our hats to everything about being a woman—the good and the bad.

You Handle Menstruation Like Pros

OK, your monthly period might be awful, but it’s also an important sign your body is fertile and able to conceive. Everyone has had that embarrassing mishap: you got your period at work or school and didn’t realize it! But that has never stopped you. You just went to the bathroom, tied a sweater around your waist (bold fashion move), and went on with your day. Men might never understand the small fortune you have to shell out for feminine products or the sheer brutality that is menstrual cramps, but you hold the keys to the continuation of humankind, so that settles it.

You Can Foster Life

For a lot of women, nothing compares to the feeling of being a mother. It’s like your entire world is given to you in the form of a blanket-wrapped tiny newborn. But that’s not to say motherhood is easy. In fact, many women admit that it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done. And then there are those frustrating moments, like getting leaking breasts without a nursing pad on hand or trying for hours to calm your baby’s colicky cries. The fact that you’re still able to handle whatever is thrown at you, while juggling a newborn baby and nursing, and sitting on the toilet, is pretty remarkable.

You Stick Together

There’s something to say about women’s innate ability to support one another. It’s the sanctity of sisterhood and in fact, it’s been going on since the dawn of time, according to the Washington Post. Since the days of sitting in red tents during their periods to the unbreakable bonds women still create today, there’s truly nothing like the connection a woman can have with another woman. Let’s put it this way—men don’t typically cry on each other’s shoulder or share their deepest, darkest secrets the way ladies do.

You Rock Menopause

While any woman who’s dealt with hot flashes and night sweats knows that menopause is no walk in the park, there are actually some great benefits of menopause. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about having a period or any of the baggage that comes along with it. Say hello to wearing white whenever you want! Additionally, women in menopause tend to be old enough that they’re financially, professionally, and personally secure in their lives, but they’re still young enough that they can enjoy exciting experiences, like jetting off to Paris on a moment’s notice.

And when it comes to the more visible symptoms of menopause, don’t worry. If you’re dealing with a hot flash in public, whether it’s in a business meeting or at dinner with your kids, be upfront and honest. It happens to nearly every menopausal woman. You don’t need to apologize for being a woman!

You Age with Grace

To borrow a phrase from Martina McBride, women are known for dropping pennies into the fountain of youth, praying for a way to slow down the aging process. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the inevitable act of aging, it can be difficult to deal with some of the side effects, from wrinkly skin to a slower metabolism to loss of libido.

Thankfully, science has kept up with your concerns and is catering to them more than ever. Laser treatments like MonaLisa Touch® can potentially relieve some of the discomforts that come with aging while revitalizing your vaginal health. Intimacy issues can ruin your confidence, but treatments like these can help alleviate those painful symptoms of menopause. You’ll feel like a powerful woman again in no time.

For all the ways being a woman can be tough, there are countless ways that being a woman is incredible. We’re lucky we have each other to rely on for strength and support.

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